What? Me take the Metro? Hell Yea!

I am not the kind of guy who likes public transportation but the Metro I am talking about is the Metropolitan. Many people will know it as the Nash Metropolitan but it was also sold by Hudson. The Metro as I will cal it was first built in 1954. It was known as the original sub-compact. It is a British car that was imported and sold by Nash and Hudson. In 1957 they were merged into American Motors. They were basically a two passenger car with no real back seat. They were available in a convertible model and in 1958 the hardtop was removeable to also be a convertible. They were powered by a 1489 cc 4 cylinder Austin engine.

I have always admired Metropolitans but never knew much about them and had never ridden in one. My cousin Mike Frees bought this '57 Metro in about 2004. It came from California and is fairly solid but it did need new floors. It shows just 11,600 miles on the odometer. This may be original mileage first time around so I do not want to reconnect the speedometer. Mike rebuilt the engine and put a new clutch in it. For some reason though he wound up narrowing a Ford 9" rearend with 4:56 gears in it. The color is gray primer with a black primer roof, nice two-tone.Mike also rebuilt the brakes and put new exhaust on it. The car drives nice. My plans are to drive it the way it is. My familys plans are to paint it pink or yellow and claim it for their own. (Come on kids, we have to share.)

An interesting feature of the Metro is the right and left doors are the same stamping. The door handle and hinge placement determined which side the door went on.