Red Green Welding Vent


       I did some welding this summer when it was 104* outside. My shop has one large bay with a lift and two smaller bays, basically a three bay shop and a large window A/C does a nice job of cooling it. After several hours of welding I stepped outside, when I did I hadnít noticed how much smoke had accumulated from the welding. After I noticed this I just opened all the doors, turned on the fan and sweated while I finished the job. A couple days ago, the remnants of hurricane Isaac left 100% humidity and I wanted to weld again. This time I had several sandblasted doors that I didnít want exposed to start rusting. My first thoughts were to locate in front of an open window and use a small fan to exhaust the smokey air. That would still circulate a lot of outside moisture throughout the shop. It was then I got the idea for my Red Green exhaust hood. Red Green is one of my heroes, he has unlimited capacity for coming up with ideas to get things done. Here is what I came up with, complete with duct tape ingenuity!

       Starting at the work station, I used duct tape to hold the suction end of my shop vac to a large welding magnet. I then found more shop vac hose and connected that to the exhaust side of the shop vac. To get it outside I cut a piece of cardboard that would fill a gap in the window. I made about a 4 cut x the same diameter as the hose outlet. I then positioned the suction 3 to 4 inches above the area I was welding. Guess what? It worked great! After several hours of welding the shop was still full of clean air. I will be doing this any time I want to weld and donít want to completely open the shop up. Now, I can weld in the winter without blowing out all the warm air. One thing I might consider though is if I do this a lot I would like to put the shop vac outside so I donít have to listen to the noise. It took less than 20 minutes to set up and have working and the cost was 12Ē of duct tape and a 10Ēx24Ē piece of scrap cardboard.