Early Projects


This is a picture of the first go kart I built. It was powered by a 1.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Note the simple but effective “rope” steering. I built this when I was about 10. My brothers are getting ready to test the spark plug!

This is the my first motor scooter. It was powered by the same 1.5 hp that powered my first go kart. I built this when I was about 13. It was my first complete welding project. I didn’t know it at the time but had this scooter ran it would have been the class holder for the land speed record in its class. When I went to push start it I found out I had it geared so the cylinder fired once every 10 feet or so. In other words, at 2500 rpm the scooter would be going 284 mph!

This is the motor bike I built when I was in high school. It used a Clinton 2 cycle engine that the crankshaft broke off at the block. I drilled and tapped the stud and bolted a pulley to make it a useable engine again. The bike was a 24” with a springer front end. This bike was fun to ride and I put miles on it.

Here is a picture of my grandpa riding my cousins Honda 50. In the back ground is a picture of the ‘56 International pickup truck. I painted it black when I was in high school. It had red rims with baby moon hubcaps and the doors had a mural of a horse head.

This is my first car, a ‘51 Ford. It had a flathead V-8 and 3 speed overdrive. It sat nose high as per the style of the times, spring raisers in front and lowering blocks in the rear. I shaved all the emblems and seams. It had ‘48 chevy cherry lights under the dash and a floor shift. It also had Fenton dual exhaust with glass packs, it did not sound like the average flathead.

Here I am with my ‘58 Impala, I must be headed to the Prom. It had a 348, 3 on the tree. Since the car originally had an automatic transmission it had a high gear rear end. It would bury the needle but it went a lot faster than that.

This is my first drag racer. I bought this ‘54 Ford Sunliner for $25. I put a 301 (283 bored out) Chevy in it. It ran B modified production in the AHRA.

This was one pretty ‘65 Impala, the one in my story about “Things I would never admit in public”. The color was called evening orchid and it had a white interior. It was the fastest 250 hp 327 around.

I bought this ‘58 Corvette when I was in diving school in the Navy in San Diego, California. I drove this car from coast to coast from San Diego, Ca. to Norfolk, Va. I could write a story about this car. It was even on a Navy ship, the current owners would find its history hard to believe! The last I heard, the car was in Texas being restored.

Here is a picture of my ‘66 SS 396 Chevelle. There are also a couple pictures of me setting the 30-30’s hot.

I paid $300 for this neat old ‘55 Chevy pickup. It was one smooth runnin’ 6.

Here is the first Harley I ever owned. It was a custom ‘66 XLCH Sportster. It was a kicker only (no electric starter). It was loud and fast. Diane rode with me on it for a couple hours in the summer of ‘93. I remember it because we were looking at the “Great Flood” damage from Valmeyer to Prarie Du Rocher. We saw her brother in his convertible at Rocher, she jumped off the Harley, rubbed her butt and said “I ain’t riddin’ that thing any more, my butt hurts. She rode back home in the convertible.

Who said I wasn’t a hot rodder? I bought this Model A coupe pretty much the way you see here. Freddy was about 6 years old when we went to look at the Model A to buy it. While we were in a garage looking at it Freddy came up real close to me and in a quiet voice so the guy selling it couldn’t hear what he was saying, “Lets get it dad”, “I like it, can we get it, dad?”, “Come on, let’s get it”. I paid $4200 for it.

The grill shell on the coupe was from a ‘30 Chevrolet. When I was in high school I tried to buy a ’30 Chevy sedan. The roof of the Chevy had caved in and the wood pretty much rotten but I wanted to buy the car. The guy also had a 1904 Overland my buddy Dan wanted to buy. We spent a whole afternoon talking to the guy who owned them and he told us stories about both the old cars. After a couple of hours we thought we had him softened up and was ready to sell. When we asked what he wanted for them he replied, “Oh, I’ll never those cars, I use bolts and stuff off them to fix my combine.” He didn’t even own a combine!

Look at all the cool stuff we had back then. This is my cousin Mike on a Harley chopper. In the back ground is his ‘34 Chevy coupe that had a 273 Plymouth engine pulling a trailer with his Honda Scrambler on it.