Freddy and the Metro

Several weeks ago just before Freddy's Marine batallion deployed to Iraq I asked Fred if he wanted to run into town and get a couple of McDonalds ice coffees. Sure, he said, what are we gonna' take. I said lets take the Metro, you haven't ridden in it yet. We walk over to it and I said hey, you can drive, see what ya' think. Now Fred is 28 years old, he has been driving since he was 6. Fred has driven all kinds of stuff from cars to all kinds of farm tractors, combines, trucks, and trailer trucks. He has driven 4 speeds, 5 speeds, 9 speeds, 13 and 15 speeds and even has a '69 Camaro with a verticle gate 4 speed. Anyway, Fred gets in, adjust the seat then looks over at me with a quizicle look on his face, he grabbed the column shift and then asks, where's low gear! So surprising, he had never driven a 3 on the tree!! We both got a laugh out of that one.