Chevy Nut History


Owner: Larry Frees

I bought “Chevy Nut” in March of ’85.  It was a fairly solid Belair 2 door hardtop.  At the time I paid $1400, however it came as a lost interest project.  My wife Diane could not believe what she was seeing.  For $1400 I was bringing home a car in pieces, just a shell in primer on a rolling frame.  Doors, fenders, hood, grill, bumpers, glass, seats, and dash instruments were all loaded onto the truck individually.  The 283 engine was in pieces and some kind of 3 speed transmission came with it.  One of the nice things about the car were the two nos front fenders.  It had original EZ EYE glass.  The odometer that came with it in a box showed 26,000 miles.  The only wiring in the car was a 6” wire hanging from the brake light switch.

I bought a ’74 engine with attached 350 turbo transmission.  I had the engine bored .030” over  and put in a mid range “torqy” cam.  The transmission was freshened up and fitted with a shift kit.  The body was painted solid “dusk rose” and the interior was stitched a maroon and grey diamond tuft.  It was built with 605 power steering, ’63 Chevy tilt steering column and power brakes.  UniRoyal tires were mounted on Cragar style wheels, 225x15’s all around.  I had the car on the road in 1986.  The car was used as a limited daily driver, parts runner, and family car for the next 20 years, averaging 5000+ miles a year.  Air conditioning was added in the late ‘80’s and then updated to Vintage Air in the mid ‘90’s.  Another important upgrade was made in the mid ‘90’s with the addition of disc brakes.  As the years wore on the car was upgraded and maintained. 

“Chevy Nut” has been in about 35 states since it was built.  It has been to Colorado more than once including a trip up Pikes Peak.  One of the more noteable trips in it was the Americruise trip in ’99 where we went over the continental divide and put on over 3100 miles in about 9 days in 6 states.  Another noteable trip was Americruise to Bloomsburg, Pa. in 2002 which included seeing Niagara Falls, New York and side trip into Canada.  This trip covered about 3200 miles and 15 states in 9 days.

Future plans are new paint, new interior, and engine upgrade.