Velocity Stack Plugs


There are several headings I could have used to describe this piece of "Mr. Chevy" history. In trying to keep the car exactly the way Van kept it I decided early on to replace the rubber balls Van used to plug the velocity stacks. They worked very well through the years, sealing out dirt and moisture, keeping the intake clean and dry. Back in the day all sorts of things were used to do this, rubber balls were a favorite and tennis balls were also commonly used.. One problem though with tennis balls is they did not seal moisture completely because of the "fuzz". A few of the rubber balls that had worked so well through the years had become hard and brittle and were about to fall apart. Not long after I bought the car I decided I would need a new set to keep the engine clean. Now in the '70's red rubber balls were common in about any store you looked, they were everywhere and every household with kids had several bouncing around. At first I found myself casually looking in the toy department of Wal Mart knowing they would be readily available. WRONG! After checking all the toy and sporting goods stores in the local rural towns, I started checking the bigger stores in the bigger cities. What started out as casual looking became a serious investigation. Only after a couple of months of checking out stores did I start to realize that these are not as common as they once were. It was becoming aparent that this was going to take some work to find the red rubber balls, if they even existed any more. It took another month or two of watching Ebay before I ran across what I was looking for. They were red, they were rubber, and the size was exactly the same.They came from two states away but after more than 3 months I finally found them. I had to buy a dozen at a time which was no problem at all, after all, I needed 8 of them. On the bottlom of one of the original balls you could barely make out .59 which before shipping is close to what the new balls cost.

An ironic part of this story comes after the fact. It was just several weeks after I had the new velocity stack plugs in place that my son, Freddy had to go to Mexico city, Mexico on a business trip to a factory where after market parts for V-twin motorcycles were being made. Fred was familiar with my search for the rubber balls because I enlisted his help looking for them. When he got home he told me that if I needed any more he could get them for me wholesale. He said in the same building where they make parts for the V-twins, they make the very red rubber balls that I bought on the internet. He said he saw dozens of pallet size boxes of them!

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