Interesting Features of "Mr. Chevy"



“State of the Art”  “Old School”  lacquer.  That sentence is almost an oxymoron, yet that is how to describe the paint on Mr. Chevy.


327 cid bored .060 over to 337 cid Along with the "Isky" cam came a brass cam specification tag.


The transmission in Mr. Chevy is a ’61-'63 Borg Warner 4 speed transmission, it may possibly be from an early SS 409 car.

Rear End

The rearend is a Pontiac thought to be a ’57.  It has a 5.56 ratio.


Original as last ran in 1976
Firestone 500's all the way around.
The rear tires are “31.5-11.50-15
The front tires are 6.00-15”


It still had the battery in from the last day it was run.
There is a chip in the top from when Van "deliberately" put the driveshaft pieces in the trunk.  During the accident on the way home acid splashed out and stained the paint in the trunk.  After 30 years the battery still had .56 volts charge.


The Hurst shift glove was still laying along side the Hurst shifter!  A friend gave me a picture of the car he had taken at an indoor car show in St. Louis dated 1974.  The shift glove was laying in the same position!!


With the car came receipts, specifications and correspondence during the time Van built the car.


I heard the rumor that Van made some spending money by winning a bet that he could place a Coke bottle in front of the front tires and jump it by pulling a wheelie and not knock the bottle over!  I have not talked to the person who lost the bet though.