Back in the Day


This picture was taken in the late 60's before the straight axle was added. It is being towed behind Jack Irwin's '55 Chevy hardtop. It is interesting that the color of Jack's car at the time is similar to the color of my car now. Jack's car was painted a Ford pickup color, several years later when I painted my car, I painted it solid dusk rose, a color available in late '55 but not in a solid color. In the pictures, the colors are very similar. It is hard to see but it looks like at the time Van was running "Mr. Chevy" in B/MP (modified production?). It still had the steel front end on it along with the chrome fender spear.

This picture was taken in 1974 by Wayne Steinbeck at the St. Louis indoor car show. The date is on the back of the picture. It is interesting to see the Hurst shift glove laying along side the Hurst shifter where is layed for 30 years the car was setting and in the same place it was during the auction. Also note the blue light put inside the car for the show.

Here is a picture of "Mr. Chevy" sitting on the '55 Chevy truck Van used to haul it in the later years. This truck had a matching interior and paint to the car. For the time, this was a very impressive combination.

This picture was taken the same time the front picture was taken. This may well have been the last summer it was raced and possibly even the last time it was raced when the rear u-joint exploded. The picture shows big slicks on the back but I'm not sure this was the last set Van ran on it as they stuck out an inch or so. The last set of slicks were 11.5" wide. These last two pictures are believed to have been taken at the Pevely Track in 1975.